Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Man Shoots Boy for Having Sex with His Step Daughter

A man shoots the boy having sex with his step daughter and aimed for his pelvis.


Anonymous said...

Hooking up?? It is a sad day in this country when a white woman news reporter is using a black vernacular on national TV. Notice too that a black "man" and a white woman is seems to be the standard combo in advertising and news these days. I'm sure it's the most appealing marketing strategy in this "sorry to the black "man" backwards country we live in" what a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Please also take note that the day of the sissy , tail between the legs white liberal hippie is done. As with every popular trend the reverse will happen soon and we will reclaim the country and society that WE built and all other dark races have come here to exploit, Jews included in this prediction also.