Thursday, May 21, 2009

Was Georgia Professor George Zinkhan going to Kill one of his Colleagues?

From Dr. Boyce

After seeing this report, all I could say was “Wow”.  This man, George Zinkhan, was apparently a highly regarded Marketing Professor.  Zinkhan’s body was found after a nation-wide manhunt when he killed his wife and two other men.  Don’t read between the lines and assume I am sending a message with this post. I just thought this was interesting, in light of the fact that he is a business school professor like myself.  Of course, I’d never consider doing anything like this… don’t worry! I just pray for this man’s family and am sorry for whatever sadness he had in his soul.  This is truly tragic.

“In an e-mail obtained by CNN, (Barbara) Carroll had warned her colleagues at the university’s Terry College of Business that Zinkhan, a marketing professor, was “dangerous.” The e-mail was sent after the shootings but before Zinkhan’s body was found.

Carroll could not be reached Tuesday, but in her e-mail she said that law enforcement officials surrounded her house early on the morning of May 1 after authorities found MapQuest directions to her house, printed on April 24, in Zinkhan’s Jeep. She said she was advised to go into hiding.

“I do not believe Zinkhan had a map to my house for any reason other than he planned to kill me as well on April 25,” Carroll wrote. “This also suggests premeditation for the three murders he did commit. By the grace of God, I was at the movies all Saturday afternoon after being at school in my office (like a sitting duck) all that morning.”

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