Monday, June 8, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton: Omar Edwards Needs Justice

Justice delayed is justice denied. On May 28, Omar Edwards began his day like any other: kissing his 18-month-old and seven-month old children, hugging his wife and going out for another hard day's work. But later that evening, 25-year-old Edwards' life was tragically and violently cut short when his body was riddled with bullets. This wasn't the work of a thug, a mentally challenged person nor a would-be thief. Instead, Edwards was shot several times by a fellow police officer - yes police officer - while in pursuit of an actual criminal. Another young Black man unjustifiably slain.

In cities and towns all across this country we hear the stories of young men and women of color being 'mistakenly shot at' or 'wrongfully killed'. There are continuous investigations of police department protocol and police conduct, and a plethora of excuses and justifications that slowly emerge. But what is the unfathomable excuse of police officers killing a fellow comrade? How can so-called 'friendly fire' take place? And more importantly, how can we not hold the shooter, in this case 30-year-old Andrew Dunton, accountable?

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