Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Real Deal on College: Is it Worth It?


Daily Orange – Syracuse University

No Easy Decision: Higher Education Requires High Contemplation
With the economy just now taking steps to recover from a recession that caused millions of jobs to be lost, the four words, "was it worth it?" have likely been uttered by thousands of debt-ridden college graduates.

According to, the average yearly cost of tuition and fees at a four-year public college for the 2008-09 year was $6,585, while private schools cost an average of $25,143. The Syracuse University Web site lists its tuition for 2009-10 as $33,630, with its total cost of attendance reaching an estimated $50,100.

Four years later, does this $200,000 expense, whether the financial resources come from family, 40-hour workweeks or loans, guarantee a high-paying job?
As a student with hopes of getting a job whose success I can parlay into a long and happy career, I find college to be extremely important and value the opportunities it has given me. However, I strongly disagree with the notion that college is right for everyone.


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